Feb 17

Tips On Buying A Small Business Server

The servers are very important computer equipment containing the hardware is capable of running for many years 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The server operating system is designed to Stand of tens of Tera Bytes of data stored on hard drives and tens of Giga Bytes of RAM. The lifespan of this equipment greatly depends on the correct choice when purchasing and performing preventive as well as corrective maintenance in a timely manner. There are many options available when buying a small business server, the four most commonly used options are as under:

small business server

  • Tower Server: Servers Tower, also called desktop servers are apparently normal, ordinary computers. They are especially useful in small businesses who don’t need more than two or three servers that don’t have well defined or your network or data center. Its main disadvantage is the physical space they use.
  • Rack Server: The evolution of the technological infrastructure requires companies to build data centers, campuses are designed to provide storage networking equipment and servers. Physical space and power consumption are the bargaining chips of these centers. Rack servers are designed to be stored on shelves, as it were dishes, cookies or pizza boxes. In addition to optimizing the space, can keep the data center orderly and free, all in a 19 inches wide. Rack servers are measured in U, one U is 1.75 inches tall. There 1U, 2U, 4U and so on.
  • Blade Server: The Blade servers are the next step in innovation and also a simplification of the rack. Multiple servers are placed in a cabinet and form a Blade System. The cabinet provides power to the server network connection, ventilation and other vital resources. Space optimization and server consolidation is dramatic when implementing Blade Systems.
  • Mini-servers: Powerful computers are very small, in size. To achieve optical drives have been removed, indicators and other luxuries to enter memory, more powerful processors and larger storage capacity. A mini-server technologies used laptops and mobile devices. Optimize more space and consume less power. Allowing companies providing internet services and other competivivos products and services.

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These are four options. The most important thing here reflect the life of a server are about 5 years, it is advisable to purchase something that will be obsolete in a short time, especially for access to parts and service.

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