Nov 24

Guitar Lessons In Edmonton For Beginners

Guitar Instructor Music Institute of Guitar Lessons in Edmonton

This school was founded in 1997, with a couple of years of preparation before that. The main goal of this institution is simply to help young beginners or musicians that already have an experience, to improve their skills and to reach their musical goals.

Edmonton Guitar Lessons

Guitar Instructor Music Institute provides its students with all the needed knowledge, tools and techniques to master their Guitar learning abilities, including vocal practices. Mr. Billy B the founder and experienced teacher of Guitar Instructor Music Institute believes that his students need to develop their creative ideas and feelings towards making music, and not only to follow plain notes and play classical songs.

Goal Of Creative Expression – means everything when trying to become a great musician and that is the fun part of it all. That’s why the mentors always motivate their students, no matter what problems or questions may come up along the way.



Guitar Instructor Music Institute offers three prime study courses and various supplementary courses for every individual’s needs, based on their experience and current skill set. Before signing up at any offered course, it is important to fill out a special form, that will evaluate the student’s abilities and it will be much easier for everyone to understand, which course to take. If you don’t feel like filling this form, you can contact or visit the school, talk to the teachers in person, and they will help you to choose the right course for you.

Lesson Plan

All of the lessons and studies provided by the Guitar Instructor are structured by experienced lectors and music teachers, so that the students get the best knowledge in the smallest amount of time, and that there would be no empty information to perceive. After completing their whole guitar lessons course, every student will have the whole information and skill background to perform on stage, write and arrange their own songs, and feel confident about their abilities and progress.

The Supplementary Courses

These lessons are all based on specific sections of music, like songs and their styles, scales and methods, group and solo compositions, rhythms and other topics that the students may be interested in. These supplementary courses can be taken alongside with the main courses, for example, the Music Theory Course for Guitar Players – a course where you can learn about guitar theory on a college level, with structured methods and most popular guitar techniques, but they also can be taken alone, like lots of students choose to do. Before taking a supplementary course, a student has to fill out a personal file, on which to base the individual course.

If a student doesn’t find a specific course for him, he can contact with Mr. Billy B and get answers and additional lessons about the topics that he needs to learn in order to become a better guitarist.

There are lots of supplementary courses available for students to choose from. For example, Advanced Timing Grouped Phrasing; Arpeggio Within a Chord Progression; Blues Guitar Grooves Study; Country Guitar Intros, Walks, Fills and Tags; Country Lead Guitar Stud.